Independence and respect

Looking for a music label that champions independent artists without commercial pressure?  

We're committed to promoting up-and-coming musicians without compromising their creative vision or artistic integrity. Join us and discover the next generation of music.

Our artists

The label is currently promoting the founders of "300 Bucks Media", creating a gateway into the industry. Get to know them!


Executive producer at 300 Bucks Media. Professional rap superstar and shawarma lover. Check out his latest EP "Lords of the parking lot"!

Instagram: @300forint



sasha sterling

Head of 300 Bucks Media, main sponsor and featured artist on numerous tracks by toshh1y.

Instagram: @sasha.sterling

Mail for inquiries: frolov.alexander@t-online.de

Le Souljaq

King of synths and LoFi and main video editor at 300 Bucks Media. Talented, gifted, unique and mysterious - the one and only Le Souljaq.

Maybe you?

Want to join our team? Contact sasha sterling with your demos and vision. We are not a commercial organisation, so we work on a "friends" basis and "survive" on sponsorship and royalties.

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